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MemPro is a private company, incorporated in 2001 with the goal of developing a new class of ceramic materials useful in a variety of industries. For several years the company conducted a search for a technology platform with suitably broad application potential. In 2005 MemPro entered into an exclusive agreement with the leading nanofiber research center, the University of Akron. MemPro conducted two years of research in collaboration with the university and with the financial support of The National Science Foundation.

MemPro joined the NanoBusiness Alliance, the trade association for the nanotechnology industry. With the motto “It’s Green, It’s Clean, It’s Never Seen”, the alliance has a global focus on energy, cleantech, and a variety of industries where nanotechnology offers great advantages. MemPro is the only nanofiber-producing member of the alliance. An official of the alliance recently commented that the applications of nanofibers are likely to create 5,000 to 10,000 high quality jobs in the next ten years. Nanotech is seen by some in the investment community as having the same opportunities as biotech did in the 1990s.

In 2008, MemPro Ceramics announced the first brand under the nCATfiber technology. The NOXFOX brand of catalytic filters reduces pollution from small engines commonly found in lawn and garden equipment. MemPro has developed nCATfiber technology while creating additional brands to expand into new markets. In addition to the small engine market, MemPro has identified over 10 multibillion dollar markets, including:

Renewable Energy
Outdoor Power Equipment
Additional Uses

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